1 year of InFinIT Partners

All great things take time to grow

We are excited to celebrate the 1st birthday of InFinIT Partners. This first year has been a year of growth, a year when we set the foundation and we have planted the seeds for the future.

This year was a confirmation that the path we have chosen to follow is the right one. Looking at the results of our 1st year, we have signed new businesses while keeping all our last year’s partners, we have opened a new office in the Netherlands, we rolled out the innovation hub (InFinIT Labs) and won a 3 year EU subsidy to fund one of our innovation projects. But most importantly, this year we have taken another step towards creating the home for the prodigies by growing our team (family) with top talent that “gets it and gets it done”.

Due to the global situation we all experienced, we had some unexpected tactics that we needed to implement fast in the last 3-4 months. This situation gave us an opportunity to validate what we build: a company with a solid foundation that has at its core an amazing team; a team that assured that we stayed strong and confident, running business as usual, while the strategic continuous growth happened nonetheless. ” Oana Chifu – CEO Romania

“In general, as a new company, I wish we remain agile in terms of tactics but resilient in terms of strategy. In the short run, I wish to deliver even more quality and added value, while constantly improving where needed. And for the future, I wish we remain (in the infinite game) as innovative as we are now. ” Razvan Costin Co-founder

I envisioned a company that “gets it and gets it done”, that would set a new golden standard in the software services industry.” Iwein Borm Co-founder

As a business, we set out for “The Infinite Game”. For connoisseurs, this means your main strategy is to focus on the path, which generates infinite “end goals” to be reached with a clear vision in mind. Our vision is to help build a world driven by common sense, and we believe innovating in every possible way should be part of what common sense means for any business that plays the Infinite Game.

What do we wish for the year ahead?

When it comes to what the future hold, Oana Chifu- Romania CEO- shares with us the plans for the year ahead:

1) to showcase real innovation in Technology (by launching one of the products we already develop);

2) to have our partners validate the high benefits of the new services model we designed and named “the integrated approach”;

3) to increase our consultancy portfolio;

4) last but not least to make every single individual who chooses to join our team or become our partner feel they had the most amazing and inspiring professional experience alongside us.

Our journey of becoming one of the leading bespoke IT solution companies is at the beginning and the future looks great.

Happy birthday InFinIT Partners!