About us

Our mission

“To help society progress through innovative solutions that improve enterprises and empower people.” 

InFinIT Partners is a purpose-driven organization with a clear mission. We work towards this mission with our different brands that share our core values.

Enterprise Solutions​

With Enterprise Solutions we provide bespoke software development services to enterprises.

We have a delivery capacity of 160+ experienced software engineers with an average of 12+ years of industry experience. Our engineers have worked on 50+ Silicon Valley startups and also have significant experience working on enterprise systems. We only hire the top 10% developers.

We offer two approaches to software development:

  • Software consulting services, consisting of technology design & architecture and software
    development by top engineers; and
  • Integrated approach, which is a new approach to Enterprise IT projects that addresses the reasons why most IT projects fail. In this approach, we charge per solution and not per hour.

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InFinIT Labs

In InFinIT Labs we participate in the development of game-changing ideas. We do this in several ways:

We engage in strategic partnerships with other companies, where we contribute to R&D, IT delivery and strategy, to realize innovative solutions together.

We incubate and nurture companies that develop our own ideas for innovative solutions.

We are exclusive delivery partners and strategic advisors to selected scale-up companies that we fundamentally believe in, helping them realize their potential.

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Our vision

“A world in which the system enables people to excel, and vice versa.”

Technology alone is worthless. The internet without people or content is meaningless. Value is created in the “system” through which people use technology to make their lives more comfortable and meaningful. As architects of systems, we have a clear vision for the role of technology and that of people, whether as employees or consumers. The system should empower people, to find meaning and fulfilment in their professional and daily lives. People should enable technology to do what it can do best. 

  1. We want to demonstrate to the world that enterprises and institutions can be changed from within, and are not dragged down by their legacy system issues eternally
  2. We want to demonstrate to the world that taking an integrated perspective and developing bespoke solutions can significantly improve the way digital transformations are done

It is with this vision that we approach every project we take on.

Core values


Our integrated approach and partnership model rely on trust. Trust that goes both ways. Our partners need to trust us to take the best approach to develop their solution. We need to trust our partners to provide us the freedom and support needed to make the project a success.


We treat our people and our partners fair. We want to help organizations with their systems in the best way that we can. We take a no-nonsense approach and will not sell you a car when all you need is a ride. We believe that our partners will appreciate our fairness and keep coming back to us.


As a premium solutions provider, our reputation means everything to us. The quality of our work speaks for itself. Not just in a technical sense, but in creating a win/win situation for all stakeholders. We can realize this not only by having the best developers, but also by only accepting projects that can actually be done.

Client satisfaction

We don’t have clients, we have partners. We don’t do transactions, we start business relations. Our partners mean everything to us. They believe in us and trust us with their core systems. We aim to raise the bar for client satisfaction with our integrated approach. By empowering the employees and clients of our partners, post-delivery adoption becomes a better experience.

Leadership Team

Iwein Borm, CFA, CAIA

Founder and Group CEO

Mr. Iwein Borm founded InFinIT Partners with a clear vision about using an integrated approach to help change enterprises from within and develop game-changing ideas. He was previously responsible for 11 years for the strategy development of a $6bn systematic trend following investment strategy. There he came to thoroughly understand all aspects of financial markets and the complex systems required to navigate them. This experience inspired his thinking about InFinIT Partner’s integrated approach, bridging business and IT.

Razvan Costin, PhD

Founder and Group CTO

Mr. Razvan Costin founded InFinIT Partners with a vision to change the IT service industry by setting a new standard for quality and selling solutions rather than developer time. He was previously CTO for an IT company with 350 employees, responsible for the delivery structure, budget, hiring, attrition rate and learning. There he defined a High-Level Delivery Model that was the inspiration for InFinIT Partner’s Integrated Approach.

Oana Chifu

CEO - Romania

Ms. Oana Chifu has an extensive experience in growing and re-shaping outsourcing and product companies. As general manager she oversaw the rapid growth of several companies. She is passionate about people. She has over 15 years of experience in leadership, IT business strategy and transformation, and operational management.

Tibi Dascal 

Chief Business Officer - Romania

Mr. Tibi Dascal has a deep understanding of how technology used the right way can truly define companies and products.  He enjoys building and managing business relationships and large-scale projects for global market leaders. He helped many businesses launch and grow through unique positioning, bespoke approaches and the delivery of software products.

Sami Benkara

Delivery Manager - Romania

Mr. Sami Benkara has extensive experience on software delivery structures, project and risk management for global organizations. He plays a key role externally in the customer relations and sales processes, and internally by managing and delivering projects with local and remote teams. He loves being at the core of the business, responding to tenders and making sure the right people work on the right projects.


Catalin Stan

I first learned about InFinIT Partners in an extensive discussion with Razvan Costin, the CTO. I immediately resonated with the strategy and mission of the company and was sure that this would be an exciting and challenging job. I quit my old job the next day and joined InFinIT Partners. Best decision ever! I knew from the beginning that the core values of InFinIT Partners are the ones that lead to success, to innovation, to a well done and structured company, capable of doing anything.
Working at InFinIT partners means you are taken out of your comfort zone quite often. You want to be here because you like it and not just to wait for a paycheck. This means that you are your own boss, responsible for your own success or failure. You feel like you are 100% involved and crucial, no matter what part of the business you are doing. At InFinIT Partners, your opinion matters and is taken seriously in the decision-making process.
There is no mystery box from where management pulls out projects and new stuff to work on. You are part of the box, you can label stuff in there, you can put stuff in there, you can sort stuff in there. And we do it all as a team.
Very important for me is that I am working with people that I know, and with awesome new people that are a perfect fit for this mindset, it all feels like a big family.

Alin Nemes

For me as developer and employee, it’s important to be able to experience something new every day and work outside of my comfort zone by having very challenging projects. Here at InFinIT Partners, we value people that are flexible and can rapidly adapt to changing situations. I love that we can come up with our own solutions to projects and we have freedom as long as everything is done on time; there is the feeling of free spirit. Everyone is on the same page and I trust the leadership, I have a sense of security in both the short and long term. For me as a developer, working at InFinIT Partners is rewarding and challenging. It is great to be surrounded by people you like and can easily open to.

Rares Flueras

InFinIT Partners is a great place to grow and develop professionally and personally. We work as a

team where there is freedom of speech and everyone’s ideas matter. I have a good relationship with

our group CTO, Mr Razvan. I love that the company is very transparent internally. It helps me to focus on what needs to be done when all cards are on the table. I am very inspired by their innovative approach. I’m motivated every day to come to work and I believe in the company’s vision. If you’re a person that loves challenges, then InFinIT Partners is the perfect place to work at. 

“People grow companies, not companies grow people”.

Daniel Donea

What motivated me to work at InFinIT Partners was the general vison of the company and the direction it wants to go. For me, the selling point here is that software is being built to find solutions to problems that contribute to a better work environment. At InFinIT Partners we are not just employees, we have the freedom to come with our suggestions for products and even for the building of our own in-house products.  It feels good to work at a company that doesn’t just value your work or the things you do during your working day, but they are also interested in your own product ideas. If they see potential in it, they will help you reach to the next level. Working amongst my highly skilled colleagues and being able to speak to them about different topics, I realize these people are genuinely interested in technology, and in finding better solutions by crafting applications that can solve the different business topics. It’s refreshing to see how there are different ways in which we can build a product from the ground up. Working in a company with a start-up environment is great for me.

We implement bespoke business solutions

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