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Agility in our Integrated Approach

A product launch is a thoroughly planned and coordinated effort of several departments – not only development and product management – within the company. Not only does it make the product generally available to the market but helps an organization create momentum, build anticipation, and gather valuable feedback from users.

Agile versus traditional project management 

There isn’t a proven strategy that will drive guaranteed results. We live in an ever-changing environment that demands to adapt to the current needs and trends. The foundation and traditional way of thinking is a unidirectional flow of work: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Maintenance. Each phase has specific deliverables and the entire set of requirements have to be set in the initial phase without any chance of changing or modifying them after the project development has started.

One of the common mindsets is that a product should be launched as soon as possible without finding the best solution for each step of the process. The reason being is that with so many competitors, businesses can’t afford to take their time and get through every step of the process because an opponent might take the lead on the market.

 But is this fast-paced approach going to work long term?  Will focusing on delivery without maximum value to be first to market make a difference?

Agility in our Integrated Approach

In an ever-changing culture and industry, approaches could use improvement to fit the needs of the current market and agile methodology is one of them. Agile project management means iteration at every stage and is based on a constant collaboration that builds products that customers want. Instead of trusting all their efforts into a huge launch, an agile team constantly evaluates requirements, plans, and results so teams will respond naturally to change.

Based on the benefits of this methodology, we created a new approach to software solutions, the Integrated Approach, a partnership-based collaboration model. We designed a new step at the beginning of the process that focuses on getting a better understanding of the business and the system requirements first before responding to your technical need. With each partnership, we seek a long-term solution that is not only going to solve your immediate problems but it’s going to empower your product to be the key to your customers’ needs.

Here at InFinIT Partners we think that agile, especially in this new digital era, is not only a good option to take into consideration but it has become a need for industries that do not have definite end results from the start of the project. When you are launching a product to the market, being able to respond to change means you can understand what’s happening in the environment that you are in, think of possible outcomes, identify what risks your product may encounter, and figure out the most appropriate solutions.  If you are ready to launch your product on the market, contact us, and we can share with you how we develop great products in our InFinIT Labs.