Automation and Manufacturing

With so many advances done in the technology industry, we have entered an era of smart factories and automated manufacturing are real concepts.

With so many advances done in the technology industry, we have entered an era of smart factories and automated manufacturing are real concepts. 

Industrial automation has created new ways in which human efforts and machines can work together to improve efficiency and drive down complexity. We have seen many examples in the last years of emerging technology that are disrupting all kinds of manufacturing. 

All these changes have driven companies to give up the old assembly lines and to embrace technology to gain new efficiency and security levels by adopting automation. 

We are supporting industrial automation by designing and implementing solutions for control management and production flows (software & hardware solution) that are integrated with card-based access control systems, digital scales and softwares. In our work with our partners, we have delivered a functional integrated system that allows any organization in the manufacturing industry to have overview and control of their systems.

How can a custom software for production management help the manufacturing industry

Having custom software tailored specifically for your business needs can offer a competitive advantage in all industries, especially manufacturing, where the success is measured by the capacity of time-to-market of your products.

We have designed a web application, integrated with a forecasting option for stock supply, that can help your business in:

  • managing the proper usage of resources;
  • limiting the loss of materials and ingredients;
  • handling specific reduce downtime;
  • help minimize errors that might occur in the assembly phase;
  • possibility to handle single or event-based requests; 
  • supervise quality control and stock management.

In a nutshell, we have created an integrated application that allows companies to monitor their manufacturing workflow, to troubleshoot production issues and optimize making decisions, all in real-time.

All industries are driven by innovation and manufacturing is at the top of the list.

To remain competitive in the fast-changing environment that we are living in today,  companies in the manufacturing industry need an advantage. This advantage can be to have a custom software solution implemented, catered specifically for your business needs. 

There are many advantages that custom software can bring for the manufacturing industry,  including automation of production management, integration with hardware systems, quality control, resource management, forecasting for stock supplies. 

If you are looking for ways to bring real innovation to your business and you need help in developing the perfect software to meet your organization’s specific needs, just drop us an email.

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