At InFinIT Partners, we are a group of passionate people intrinsically motivated to work on the most challenging projects with the best. Above all, we believe in trust, fairness and quality and we make sure we practice what we preach. 

Many companies around the world copy-paste these words; we challenge them to copy-paste our actions as well. The more companies adopt this, the better!

InFinIT Partners is both a service and a product company. This is put into practice by working on  complex projects for large enterprises with Enterprise Partners, while at the same time developing interesting game-changing projects inside our InFinIT Labs. This way, we offer an environment where the enterprise and startup cultures work side by side, having the opportunity to experience both worlds. 

Experiencing both worlds can be as demanding and challenging as you want it to be. This makes it exciting and rewarding if you are truly passionate about what you do. Our selection process focuses on identifying people who are capable of taking a holistic view, on connecting the dots between business and technology and showing the courage to step up and ask questions with the clear intention to solve problems and get things done in the most efficient way.

We don’t believe in micromanagement, therefore we will trust you to be the best person to manage your own responsibilities. We trust you to do your job in whatever way you do it best, and we will give you as much responsibility as you want and can handle.

To maintain our culture of trust and our reputation for quality, we keep a zero tolerance policy to fraud, ethical breaches or other grey area decisions. We are honest, hard-working and very talented individuals who don’t need to cheat to be successful. 

If you want(would like) to work with the best, join us! 


We offer a very competitive salary, flexible work life balance and a collaborative culture with a dynamic environment. At InFinIT Partners, we employ exceptional individuals, not robots. They are all different in their backgrounds, what they are good at and how they work. We truly believe these differences lead to our unique work environment, which brings out the best in our employees.

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