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founders of NewU app

Getting to know the founders of NewU

Bart Spangenberg and Gijs Limborgh are the founders of NewU, a habit-changing application that is here to revolutionize the health industry. Within our InFinT Labs, we focus on offering a unique value proposition to businesses with a game-changing solution in any industry. We are the technological and strategic partner, putting our experience and resources to […]

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Agility in our Integrated Approach

A product launch is a thoroughly planned and coordinated effort of several departments – not only development and product management – within the company. Not only does it make the product generally available to the market but helps an organization create momentum, build anticipation, and gather valuable feedback from users. Agile versus traditional project management  […]

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InFinIT Partners and Codesealer strategic partnership

InFinIT Partners and Codesealer announce strategic partnership

InFinIT Partners and Codesealer are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining InFinIT Partner’s integrated approach expertise with Codesealer’s dynamic ultra-resilient web protection services.  With security threats more prominent in today’s world, the need to protect all business systems and data has become imperative. At a global level, we are […]

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The habit-changing application for B2B organizations

The NewU application is based on scientifically proven behavioral change techniques, that you can use to improve your nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and mental well-being in a fun, easy, and effective way.  The modern workplace has created an “always-on” mentality that is affecting both the productivity and the health of the employees. The technology within […]

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Online conferences in time of Covid-19

We had the pleasure of attending the Collision from Home conference, which took place on the 22-25 June. Unlike the standard format that was planned for the conference, the unusual situations from the beginning of the year made them adapt and embrace technology to move the conference in a totally online format. The success of […]


1 year of InFinIT Partners

All great things take time to grow We are excited to celebrate the 1st birthday of InFinIT Partners. This first year has been a year of growth, a year when we set the foundation and we have planted the seeds for the future. This year was a confirmation that the path we have chosen to […]

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There are times, like these, when we all need to step up and help each other. COVID-19 is having a great impact on our lives and businesses. Entrepreneurs worldwide are facing difficulties and are in need of immediate solutions to their problems. That is why we, at InFinIT Partners, have created infinitHELPS. To give a […]

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