We prioritize efficiency

We want to take the integrated approach and to focus on 20% of work that gets 80% of the job done. We make sure that our added value will be significantly higher than what the cost is.

Long-run perspective

Here at InFinIT Partners, it is crucial that we look at the long strategic goals so we can better tailor the digital solutions to your enterprise.

We have the experience

We speak IT and we speak it well; it’s our mother tongue. We have a team of developers experienced that go from 0 to 1 fast and efficient.


We help Fintech companies in two ways:
We are their delivery partner, taking care of (parts of) their R&D, product development and maintenance, and helping them with their rapid build-out of their company. We employ the best developers that have significant experience developing enterprise-grade software. Our engineers have helped over 50 Silicon Valley startups. The enjoy the scaleup culture and the challenges this brings.
We are their bespoke integration partner. Clients of Fintech services will often have their own (legacy) systems and will need integration work to adopt their services. As their bespoke integration partner, we enable the Fintech firm to fully focus on improving their product, while allowing them to grow their customer base much faster.

Financial Services

We speak IT, we speak finance, we understand the regulatory landscape and can help you achieve significant cost savings by automating existing workflows and internal processes. But we can also help you finally address your legacy system issues in a responsible manner.
The standard models used in finance will bring you reasonable results in normal circumstances but terrible results in times of crisis. We believe in a bespoke approach for your core operations, so that you can take full ownership of all the major choices and assumptions that go into your decision-making. We can create custom solutions that empower your traders, portfolio managers, risk managers, back office staff etc. in their daily jobs.
We will not try to sell you expensive AI technology or write expensive reports, when all that your company needs is a bespoke application developed for a fraction of the lifetime cost. This will save you a lot of money when it comes to trading, asset management, or any type of legacy system that requires to be updated or replaced.

Enterprise systems

Here at InFinIT Partners, we value efficiency when it comes to internal business processes. We want to make your business thrive by offering and implementing enterprise software systems. Systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are among many enterprise systems we can provide.

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Digital solutions

Whether it’s a new app for your business, a fresh website to attract more customers, or
implementing blockchain, we can partner with you to create digital solutions that will help your
enterprise reduce its costs and offer more value to the consumers. We have access to the latest cutting-edge software technologies and possess the capacity to develop and deploy custom-tailored and specific digital solutions or applications that will be perfectly aligned for your needs. We have the expertise you need.

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Empowering companies through better systems

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