Empowering companies through better systems

We empower businesses and C-level managers to transform and adapt to current and future challenges by integrating existing or creating new solutions with innovative technologies and approaches.

Enterprise systems and solutions are meant to solve company-wide problems with the end goal of improving productivity and efficiency by orchestrating a wide set of tools, software solutions and processes. 

In practice, these enterprise systems are rarely properly designed for the scaling and adaptation that occurs along the way. Instead, they become on-time productivity and efficiency blockers/restrictors rather than being components that support business growth and adaptation.

Through our unique integrated approach, we look at a company’s bits and pieces, the culture it was built on, and its unique set of values and goals, to shape software-based business solutions that can support growth and diversification.

By integrating (or developing from scratch) enterprise software solutions, based on a company’s unique needs, we touch various core business functions, such as:

Business intelligence

strategies and technologies used for the data analysis, historical, current and predictive views of business operations

Business process management

used to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize, and automate business processes

Knowledge Management

creating, sharing and managing knowledge throughout the company

Customer relationship management (CRM)

manage interaction with current and potential customers with the end goal of improving business relations, customer retention and acquisition

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

collect, store, manage, and interpret data from different business processes and activities such as Accounting, Human Resource, Corporate performance and governance, Customer Services, Sales, Procurement, Production, Distribution

Enterprise asset management (EAM)

management of the maintenance of physical assets in order to plan, optimize, execute, and track the specific activities

Supply chain management (SCM)

management, flow, storage and inventory of goods from point of origin to point of consumption

Product lifecycle management (PLM)

process of managing the lifecycle of a product from idea, through research and analysis to ready to ship products and services

Analysis phase

Together with you, we understand your business and set the overall goals

Through deep analysis, interpretation and understanding of short and long term needs, existing tools, software solutions or business processes, their unique way of interconnecting and serving as a support for business growth, we set the foundation for innovative software solutions that help a business to grow, stay flexible, and act towards their vision

UX & UI design

Provide a visualization of the software to the stakeholders so they can get an idea of the end product and the alignment with the specifications set in the previous stages.

Going through a phase of visualising new functionalities, complete applications or complex integrations with existing business components. From the phase of simple wireframes to brand-aligned detailed design components, help stakeholders to visualize and align on usability, branding and overall User Experience of the newly developed software solution.

Development & Quality Assurance

Implementation phase in an Agile manner.

By avoiding wrong approaches and unreliable solutions and by constantly keeping in mind the short, mid and long-term objectives of the developed solution, our software engineer experts develop and thoroughly test code pieces that perfectly integrate with your company's business needs and match expectations defined in previous phases.

Operations and Maintenance

Provide ongoing support after the launch of the software.

Even though seemingly the launch of a software solution represents the end of an IT provider’s involvement, in fact it’s the beginning of the most important part of it. Operating and maintaining the software solution to match current and future business needs are the real key to success. We stand strong in providing constant technical and business support.

Technical and Functional Definition

Set the expectations and specifications together with the stakeholders

All the results of research, analysis and interpretation, together with the specific elements needed to build and interconnect business elements within an organisation are documented and reviewed to align specifications and expectations with all stakeholders.

Project and team setup

Form teams and assign them to the parts of the project. Full transparency and support are given on the development process.

Our experienced software engineers, business experts, project and product owners, well-shaped work methodologies and market leading tools act toward not just developing the most innovative software solutions but also offer full transparency and support alongside the development process.

Monitoring and Reporting

Assess the project’s development and report to stakeholders.

Throughout the development phase of every software solution, the monitoring and reporting phase plays a crucial role in aligning expectations, evolutions and costs. Applying industry standard rules, we constantly focus on internal and external communication and alignment, offering full transparency of all the development processes and phases alike for all direct stakeholders.

We implement bespoke business solutions

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