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founders of NewU app

Getting to know the founders of NewU

Bart Spangenberg and Gijs Limborgh are the founders of NewU, a habit-changing application that is here to revolutionize the health industry.

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We had a short conversation with them on why they decided to start this journey and what challenges their encountered along the way.

What motivated you to start NewU?

Gijs: Since I was young, I had a passion for two things. The first one was a passion for health and sports. The second one was a passion for disruptive entrepreneurship. I always dreamed of creating products that would help people world-wide and in that way contribute to a better world. 

Bart: Helping others to improve their health is my main motivation. Another big motivation is that NewU incorporates a lot of dimensions of knowledge that I am passionate about, such as motivation and exercise. Expanding my theoretical expertise in those domains while simultaneously having the opportunity to apply it practically to help others is of great value to me.

Why did you decide to start a business together?

Gijs: We were part of the seam competitive rowing team. During many hours of training we same quickly that we shared the same vision for science, health, nutrition and behavior and had the same mindset regarding work-ethic. After many talks about the current problems with the health market, we decided to put our thoughts into action.

Bart: In the Netherlands student rowing can be highly competitive. Gijs and I were members of the same rowing club competing on a national level. We were both trying to push our individual boundaries while also stimulating our comrades in doing the same. This led to an advanced nutrition program for our team, which later became a book on lifestyle and nutrition, and it grew and grew until eventually, the idea of NewU arose.

What kind of difficulties did you encounter in the early stages of your start-up?

Gijs: With our minimal technical background, it was hard in the beginning to understand the full scope of possibilities and everything that comes with it in creating an application. This meant we needed to fail fast and learn faster. 

Bart: When trying to invent ambitious solutions roadblocks are inevitable. We have been very fortunate to encounter experienced experts that were willing to give us genuine advice. Through the right mindset, following-up on expert advice, and a substantial work ethic we overcome those difficulties.

NewU habit changing application

What are some successes that you’ve had with NewU since the launch in September 2020?

Gijs: Our first success was launching NewU. After a year of hard work, it is always a surreal moment in achieving the initial goal. The second success was the integration of NewU in 10+ countries.

Bart: The launch of the MVP in September was a big success. It is great to see the team and the product evolves. I am looking forward to making the NewU dream come true. Making improving health fun, easy, and effective on a global level.  

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own company?

Gijs: I would say two things. First I would borrow the quote from Nike and say “Just do it” 😊. Second I would say find a strong team that you can learn from and that believes in your end vision.

Bart: My advice would be to do it together with others. Seek someone with the same mindset and complementary interests, be critical about each other, and don’t forget to make a good amount of fun out of it.

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