How to create a habit-changing application for B2B organizations

The NewU application is based on scientifically proven behavioral change techniques, that you can use to improve your nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and mental well-being in a fun, easy, and effective way. 

The modern workplace has created an “always-on” mentality that is affecting both the productivity and the health of the employees. The technology within our phones has become habit-forming as apps are being built to sustain our attention and keep us coming back for more. 

Having identified this as a struggle, the application is focused on creating an environment for companies and their employees to tackle this problem. 

 The fast-changing work environment is putting its mark on every company and its employees. NewU comes with a great solution for enterprises and organizations to take care of their employees and support a healthy lifestyle by joining this app and embarking on improving their health and building the right habits for the long term. 

“Changing and creating habits can be a long and sometimes tough process. Having an application that is there to help you at any moment by giving smart suggestions or upgrading your knowledge on health topics changes the way the current game is played. ”  – Gijs Limborgh, Co-founder RabbitQuest 

Many applications often focus only on one domain of health and use an impersonal approach to help people live healthier. NewU combines the science of nutrition, movement, sleep, mental-wellbeing, and toxins with smart technology, giving personal suggestions that fit any needs and adopt with the progress of each participant. 

”Our quest is to give everybody the opportunity to improve their health. We believe that every person can make a lasting change in their health. By bettering health, we allow people to pursue their dreams.”  – Bart Spangenberg, Co-Founder

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