// The Idea Behind newU

NewU is a health application that uses cutting-edge science and smart technology to enable everyone to regain control over their health by focusing on habit-formation.

Since a lasting change in health requires a fundamental change of behaviour, focusing on habit formation allows everyone to empower their health by empowering their habits.

The NewU app combines all the domains of health (nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and toxins) and smart technology. The NewU app gives personal health suggestions and helps to build healthy habits based on proven science enabling users to regain control over their health by working on the aspect of their health that fits their needs.

We fundamentally believe that everyone has the ability to change if they want to and have access to the right tools to do so. With the NewU app, we give the right tools, so everyone can boost their health, everywhere, anytime.

// what problem are we solving

Most health products are not sustainable. In those products, there is very little attention paid to the process of change and the hurdles that it accompanies. 

NewU is all about providing the best health solutions and assisting the user in their process of habit-formation.

Besides that, most of the health-apps either lack real scientific backing, focus only on one specific part of health or science (such as weight tracking, workout schedule, meditation, sleep tracking) and/or are static (minimal personalisation in the app).

The NewU app is fully science-based only and gives personalised suggestions that help with building healthy habits, one step at a time.

// our product

NewU is a unique health application that helps people in 10+ countries create healthy habits by combining the cutting-edge science on health, motivation and behavior with smart technology. NewU provides users with personalized health suggestions.

newu team
// joining infinit labs

Being part of InFinIT labs helped us get the technical power and expertise we needed in realising our app. 

InFinIT Labs also helped us look outside the box and reshape a bigger future for NewU so that we can say with certainty, that there is more to come in the future.