// the idea behind Payable Web

In our increasingly digital world, billions of information requests take place via the internet every single second.

Billions of people dedicate most of their working hours to the digital economy, and then spend a significant part of their free time consuming digital content. 

The “business models” of the internet are to either sell advertisements, data, subscriptions or (B2B) pay per use. 

When the internet was created in the early 90’s, the internet protocol specification already had an embedded payment feature that required payment for providing information. This feature was never used because it was impossible to handle (micro-)payments seamlessly. 

Payable Web comes with a suite of products and tools that provides an alternative business model for selling digital goods and services, in an unintrusive, privacy-friendly way.

This new business model will empower innovators, content creators and platforms, and will enable the democratization of the digital economy

Andreas M. Antonopoulos, one of the well-known thought leaders from the Open Blockchain space says: “This new economic model will re-decentralize the Internet by changing the model of monetization.”

payable web

The problem with the internet today is that winner-take-all monopolies stifle innovation and prevent a fair distribution of value added.

If you want to monetise content, you have to upload it to content platforms (e.g. Youtube or Medium) that take centralised decisions on how to compensate content creators. Content creators have no say in how much they want to get paid per one article read, video view or listened song. It is like going to sell your products at the food market and getting an end-month pay by the food market management depending on how many apples people took for free from your stand.

We believe this encourages wrong incentives and creates millionaire influencers and leaves out people who have brought significant value unpaid.

Payable Web democratizes value for digital content.

Our model allows content creators to decide how much they want for their work and gives them fast access to their funds instead of making them wait for an end-of-month payout. The same principle applies to all types of digital goods and services that can be transferred on the Internet.

The core of our technology is applicable to monetising web services (APIs) or any type of data and we will expand into these areas too.

By democratizing value, the rules of the game change and it suddenly becomes possible for innovators to create alternative ecosystems to the current winner-take-all platforms that offer a better service and a more fair distribution of value added.

// our service

We build tools that connect payments to Internet transfer protocols so that information-value exchange can happen as if it was a built in feature of the Internet. 

The core Payable Web technology works as a backend paywall that is able to monetize virtually any type of data transfer.

We build products that pioneer a new internet standard enabling people to transact web content, data and services, freely and directly, without intermediaries.


While the core idea has great potential, it started as a technical invention and did not have much business development support. InFinIT Labs helps with refining initial ideas, creating exposure to business networks, sales, fundraising and other business related needs any startup has in the beginning. Probably the greatest challenge innovative products face is that they have to show the value in a market where people are so used to the “old ways” that they miss new and better solutions. InFinIT Labs comes with this much needed support to take a product from the garage and into the market.