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InFinIT Partners and Codesealer strategic partnership

InFinIT Partners and Codesealer announce strategic partnership

InFinIT Partners and Codesealer are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining InFinIT Partner’s integrated approach expertise with Codesealer’s dynamic ultra-resilient web protection services. 

With security threats more prominent in today’s world, the need to protect all business systems and data has become imperative. At a global level, we are witnessing a shift in the awareness of good security systems needed to protect any company, more so in the era of remote work. 

The InFinIT Partners – Codesealer partnership brings together InFinIT Partner’s extensive Integrated Approach – from business requirement elicitation to software development – with high-level web protection services, which allows organizations to protect their users against any cyber threat.

Through this partnership, InFinIT Partners accelerates its partners and participation security architecture with uncompromised web protection for sites and applications, whilst Codesealer’s products will be complemented by InFinIT Partner’s integrated Approach.

About Codesealer

Codesealer is an innovative web security organization that offers patented, zero-intrusion interface security for websites and applications. Codesealer eliminates Man in The Middle and Man in the browser vulnerabilities, whilst protecting against various threats, from transaction manipulation to botnets. 

About InFinIT Partners

InFinIT Partners is a group of international engineers who believe in a world driven by common sense and contribute to this by building IT solutions that work, every day. InFinIT Partners brings innovation to real life, with a purpose to generate progress and flexible collaboration models that focus on long-term value maximization for your organization.