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There are times, like these, when we all need to step up and help each other.

COVID-19 is having a great impact on our lives and businesses. Entrepreneurs worldwide are facing difficulties and are in need of immediate solutions to their problems.

That is why we, at InFinIT Partners, have created infinitHELPS. To give a hand and help out other businesses get through these difficult times.

We are a company who drives its actions through common sense, and during these times more than never, we need to add this back into our actions.

We are inviting you to check out the platform and identify if your business needs help rapidly adapting your business processes to this new situation, or if you are willing to join forces with us and support this platform of businesses helping each other in these times of need.

If you are looking to create a software solution to combat this crisis, approach us and let’s tackle it together. For more details, please visit

This is the moment to partner up and make a difference!