“Participating in the development of game-changing solutions”

At InFinIT Partners we don’t just think outside the box. If the current box doesn’t pass our common-sense test, we will create a whole new box that fits our thoughts. What this means in practice is that with InFinIT Labs we are open to creative business partnerships or ideas, as long as they respect our core values and fit with our mission and vision. We believe that Enterprise Partners and InFinIT Labs will help each other. The enterprise experience will provide a solid foundation under our InFinIT Labs ideas and making sure our solutions are robust. On the other hand, through InFinIT Labs we are connected to new game-changing solutions, the startup ecosystem and the latest technologies, which is of great help for Enterprise Partners.

Business partnerships

With our integrated approach, backed up by the best developers, we have a unique premium proposition via Enterprise Partners. When a complex project involves multiple stakeholders or significant risk, and it is not feasible to engage us through Enterprise Partners, we are open to (long term) business partnerships where we provide strategic advice and Research & Development to the partnership in exchange for participation in the value added.

It is our experience that the classical model of paying per hour and relying on the client to carry the full risk leaves a lot of game-changing opportunities unexplored. Because of our business expertise and ability to take a holistic view, we are uniquely positioned to share the risk and reward of complex projects (that we fully understand and believe in), helping your business realize those otherwise unexplored opportunities.

Scale-up solutions

Coming up with a great idea is a necessary, but not a sufficient ingredient for business success. You need solid operations and a solid development team. Finding and keeping good developers close to major entrepreneurial centers is expensive and time-consuming. It involves not just recruiting, training, managing and providing office space and facilities, but also regularly changing the team composition as your company moves to the next phase in its lifecycle. This also requires you to first secure VC funding, often giving up a significant equity stake.

For truly impressive scale-ups, we have a full-service partnership approach. In this partnership, in exchange for highly discounted fees and an equity stake in your scale-up, we provide you with our premium integrated approach as well as strategic advice helping you choose the best path and avoid expensive mistakes. This way, we become your delivery organization, scaling up the team in line with your needs. This allows you as an entrepreneur to focus on bringing in more business and improving your product.  

With this partnership approach, our interests are fully aligned. The total value we offer compared to the value of the fees and equity stake we charge will be significantly more value for money than through engaging in (another round of) VC funding.


InFinIT Partners has its own incubator for game-changing solutions. We have a thorough process through which the ideas of our employees are scrutinized and look not for purely technological ideas, but emphasize the integrated approach in developing business ideas. There needs to be a plausible business model, a commercial strategy as well as a solid technological story. 

We choose to fund some of these ideas ourselves, for others we may look for external (VC, Business Angels, crowdfunding) funding. Please get in touch if you are an investor interested in learning about the projects in our incubator that are currently open for funding.

There are currently three projects in our incubator. In the coming weeks we will disclose more details on these projects.

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