New Group CCO

We are happy to welcome Mr. Edwin Kennedy on board as part of our dynamic team.

We are honored to have Mr. Edwin Kennedy as the company’s new Group CCO. Edwin has over 25 years of work experience as a specialist in consultancy, sales, and marketing.

Edwin’s hands-on experience and passion in devising, incubating and innovating new business models have offered him a front seat in the ever-changing business environments. More so, Edwin has a strong strategic look and is always on the lookout for new opportunities to help reach up to their full capacity.

We Bring Innovation to Real Life.

InFinIT Partners is a purpose-driven organization with a clear mission. We create meaningful software that helps and empowers people. We are all excited to welcome Edwin on board, on this software development adventure. With his expertise in optimizing sales, we will grow this company bigger and wider together.

We welcome Mr. Edwin Kennedy to the house of the best engineers and wish him a great adventure along with us!