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Online conferences in time of Covid-19

We had the pleasure of attending the Collision from Home conference, which took place on the 22-25 June. Unlike the standard format that was planned for the conference, the unusual situations from the beginning of the year made them adapt and embrace technology to move the conference in a totally online format.

The success of the conference was proven by the 634 speakers, five channels of programming, and 32,000 attendees from 140 countries. We are happy to have attended the conference, enjoy the great content, and engage in the virtual meeting spaces created especially for this event.

We are seeing more and more often how technology is being used to support businesses in new ways, at larger scales that we thought of doing a couple of years ago. The Collision Conference happened on a customized app, that was built as a combination of a scheduler, messaging service, with a built-in social network that allows attendees to connect with speakers and arrange meetings.

The content of the conference was of great value, as we managed to get a glimpse of the news in the tech world: from Spotify’s new ad formats, Google talking about how the recovery of the pandemic needs to be green, to John Ridding, from the New York Times, sharing that in the content industry there has been a significant shift in the importance and value of digital content.

We are happy to see the direction in which the conference went and all the great insights offered by the great content. For us, the fact that paying for digital content is being recognized as a requisite for quality is validating one of the ideas that we have been developing in our venture builder InFinIT Labs. For more details about the innovation that we are developing inside our InFinIT Labs, follow us.