Our philosophy


To works towards our mission, we adhere to two important principles:

  • The rules of the game determine – to a large extent – the outcome
  • People should be expected to act human

In everything we do as a firm, we look to apply these principles. This requires not just talking the talk, but actually walking the walk.

Walking the walk

We are extremely serious about our mission and our approach. We employ some of the best developers in the industry and want them to work on the most challenging enterprise projects. By charging per project rather than per hour, we show how committed we are to walking the walk.

Asking the right question

In the current ecosystem, on the one hand business and IT, and on the other hand consultancy and implementation are treated separately. Here, too often, the “real problem” is translated into a highly complicated question that can only be “answered” with an even more complicated answer. To avoid changing the mission halfway, even when it becomes clear that the approach is not right, the complicated answer will still be implemented.

We spend a lot of time first truly understanding our partner’s business and try to create a simpler question that addresses the “real problem”. A simpler question will generally also have a simpler answer, which costs less to develop and less to maintain.

The home of the best developers

We are the home of the best developers, of true prodigies. Why do the top 10% developers want to work for us? Because we offer the best overall experience. By taking on the most challenging enterprise projects, developers get exposure to the state-of-the-art and make significant contributions to society. In InFinIT Labs, entrepreneurial developers can apply their enterprise experience on new ventures, while being backed up by an organization that complements their skills. Being surrounded by the best and brightest, pushed to think out of the box and challenged to come up with creative solutions, brings out the best in our people. 

As we expand our client base, we will open up delivery centers in mature outsourcing hubs around the world. InFinIT Partners offers true prodigies a better experience, no longer having to draw within the lines, but asked to think about where the lines should be drawn. We will continue to employ those true prodigies, putting them not to compete, but to collaborate on the challenges we present them with.

Missing puzzle pieces

Whether in finance or elsewhere, markets have often evolved in a certain way for historical reasons. Starting again from a blank piece of paper in todays world with todays rules would result in a very different outcome. In working towards our mission, we actively look for ways in which we can help markets move to a better outcome:

We can help create the missing puzzle piece. The piece nobody knew they needed until they saw it. 

We can also present companies with a better alternative to the status quo. Many models used in finance are unsafe in non-normal circumstances, even though these occur regularly. A bespoke approach can help companies save millions when they need them the most.

Empowering companies through better systems

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