Our Process



Technical Analysis Phase

We use the appropriate processes and tools to fill in the gaps between business owners, consultants, and developers.

We are always looking forward to helping our partners create the best solutions and making the right technology decision for businesses. 

Our experience has taught us that setting the correct first steps in creating and implementing a service is extremely important, and because of this, we make sure that we invest in an in-depth technical analysis phase at the beginning of every project and choose the best technology for your needs.

In our analysis phase, we brainstorm, research and collaborate closely with the project owners to craft all the project’s deliverable and have an aligned roadmap.


Technical And Functional Definition

Our team of experts will choose the right technology to make sure all the deliverables requested can be implemented, tested and bring the outcome desired at the end of the project. 

Using an Agile approach, we make sure that our partners have an overview of the project status, as well as control of the solution delivered. 

This stage validates that your products and services have the power to adapt and evolve as per the need of the market.



UI & UX Design

Having a coherent UX & UI  allows you to create harmony between the goals of your business and the needs of your customers.

We deliver user research, user flows and stories, wireframes and mockups to understand the customer’s journey and to make sure that your product and services are offering the benefits needed by your stakeholders. 

Our partners have constant overview and input in the way we design the applications or the site’s information structure, as we focus on interaction design to enhance the presentation and usability of their products and services. 


Project, Team Setup and Monitoring

We use agile as a methodology in our activities to ensure visibility for all the parties involved. With this way of engagement, we are able to set a cross-functional team on all the projects as well as giving our partners the option to monitor the status of the project. 
Our partners can engage with the team during planning meetings, retrospective meetings, daily progress check-ups, monthly meetings for roadmap updates, and resource planning.
We make sure to create a bridge between the technical team and the product team by having specific roles, such as project owners and project managers, who offer a constant overview of the status of the projects.


Development & Quality Assurance

In all our projects we apply test automation, to support rapid and reliable deployments. 

We integrate test frameworks for automation and performance, allowing us to stay on top of the projects. These tests allow us to receive constant feedback on the functionalities, thus preventing project delays and offering constant improvements to the created features. 


Operations & Maintenance

Our skills and experience together with a focus on quality, people and technology, enable us to deliver successful agile development projects. 

This way of working allows our team to adapt quickly to any new requirements that our partners might have, supporting the need to adapt to the constant changes of the market.

We make sure to include security thinking into our software development lifecycle by investing in tools and processes that will help keep the systems are secure by design.


Technical Analysis Phase


Technical And Functional Definition


UX & UI Design


Project, Team Setup and Monitoring


Development & Quality Assurance


Operations & Maintenance