Bakery Automation

Making bread and other baked products is a craft with a heritage of thousands of years. Good bread is made by hand and maintaining this tradition is a challenge in the 21st century. Big international conglomerates will mass-produce bakery products made by machines and it is increasingly difficult to compete and still maintain the care and quality that is implicit in the craft of baking.

Even though artisans like yourself use the latest technology, like new electric ovens and scales that ensure a high degree of precision, you still make the bread by hand, the way it should be made. You need something to bring those two worlds together. 

We are that bridge! This is what Brutarium offers, control over the process! From maintaining the recipes to daily planning. From control over the stock to real-time communication between the planning and production process. We make sure you always know the stock of your raw materials and the balance between them and the amount of the finished goods.

We take care of everything, you just have to keep baking the bread!


Bakery in Transilvania


Since September 2020


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A 360-degree overview of your bakery

Brutarium offers a 360 degree overview for all your processes, focusing on:
  • employee productivity
  • production planning
  • resource management
  • stock management
  • order management
  • real-time reporting
  • access control management

We are ready to discuss how to make your idea a real life success!

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