Event access

Event Access

Events are about people. Participants, invitees, suppliers, speakers, guests, VIP’s, friends, you name it. Without a proper overview of the attendees, things can get out of control within minutes.




June -November 2019


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  • Web Development
  • UI & UX 

Event Access is a 360-degree solution for managing your event location and attendees. 

With over 15 years of experience in organizing events, we offer integrated and customized ideas to the requests of our customers and collaborators.

We offer a complementary service for congresses, conferences, courses, private or corporate parties, in order to facilitate the process of organizing and conducting the event.



Controlled access

use on-site check in system that allows you to get access based on printed or digital badges

Customised events

configuration events area like: meeting rooms, general access, lounge, VIP area


track attendees (anonymized) about attendance, time spent at various areas, session, etc


generate in-app or downloadable reports

We are ready to discuss how to make your idea a real life success!

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