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A lasting change in health requires a fundamental change of behaviour. Majority of health applications are not paying attention to the process of change and the challenges that come along with it, making them not sustainable in the long term.

Most of the health-apps lack real scientific backing, focusing only on one specific part of health or science, such as weight tracking, workout schedule, meditation, sleep tracking, and offer minimal personalisation options for its users.




 March -November 2020


  • Application Design 
  • Development 
  • UI&UC Design 
  • Maintainance


The NewU app combines all domains of health (nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and toxins) and smart technology. It offers personal health suggestions and helps build healthy habits based on proven science, by integrating evidence on health, motivation and behaviour. 

The NewU app is fully science-based only and gives personalised suggestions that help with building healthy habits, one step at a time.

Some of the key features include:

– all-in-one health application, covering all 5 health domains 

– full personalization for its users 

– a to z assistance for all the programs ( workout programs, food recipes, guided meditations,etc) 

– progress and performance tracking 

– group tracking  features, that allows the creation of customized challenges for either B2B or B2C usage

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