// our why

We believe that a good idea doesn’t magically turn into business success. A good idea combined with good people already has a better chance to succeed, but only if the way those people work together is right. 

We are passionate about innovation. Not because it sounds cool, but because we intrinsically find great pleasure in brainstorming, inventing and innovating, in tweaking solutions until you get it right. Our philosophy is to strive for long-term value maximization, not short-term profit maximization.

// our approach

Our strength is in our commitment to care for your business idea and help you make it real.

We help ideas shape into real product by using our experience in technologies that work and our funding resources.

We partner to turn ideas into successful solutions and products.


With our participation model, we as a company become your business partners. We ensure an alignment of interest and work together with your organization to bring the most value we possibly can. This can be through putting our talented engineers to work on your solution, but also to help you choose the best path and avoid expensive mistakes. 

Every partnership will be different, depending on each organization’s need: we can become your delivery organisation, scale up the team in line with your needs or partner with an established enterprise to help radically reduce your operational costs through better systems. 

In practice, working with the participation model means a small hourly fee that covers our running costs, with a percentage of the value we bring as our incentive. This can be in the form of equity, realized cost reduction, revenue sharing or otherwise. 

With the participation model, we go the extra mile and only profit when you profit. 

// our expertise

The current innovation landscape with incubators, innovation labs, accelerators and other programs works well for some, but less well for other types of ideas.

With our comprehensive value proposition as not just a technology partner, but also as a strategic, financial and commercial partner, we can significantly increase the chances of success.

Being the house of great engineers gives us the opportunity to attract the people who like to participate in game changing ideas,  thus allowing us to attract top talent from the IT market.