The Integrated Approach is a new approach to enterprise IT projects, that addresses two major problems: 

  • to solve the main reasons why such projects tend to fail; and 
  • to reduce the friction between innovation and enterprises, allowing enterprises to embed innovative technologies in their core systems faster and in a more cost-effective way than with the traditional approach.


We designed the Integrated Approach based on decades of enterprise IT project experience. We believe the current collaboration model between enterprises and IT service providers is one of the primary reasons large IT projects fail. Too often, the “operation was a success, but the patient died”. The budget risks of such projects lie entirely on the enterprise side, while the IT service provider is (or should be) the expert at properly assessing such risks. With our integrated approach, we introduce a partnership-based collaboration model with a better alignment of interest. To be able to properly assess these risks, a new step is introduced at the beginning of the process that focuses on thoroughly understanding and specifying the business and system requirements first.

As part of our integrated approach, we look at how systems and new innovations can add value to your enterprise, how systems can empower your employees and make you a better steward of your company. We know that full stakeholder management is key and that bespoke solutions or integrations can significantly increase acceptance and adoption of solutions in practice. In this way, we help you succeed in the long run, while at the same time respecting the need for quick wins in the short run. 

The above overview lists some of the reasons why enterprise IT projects tend to fail, and how we address them in our integrated approach. It is important to highlight that in the integrated approach, we take significant project execution risk. We are only comfortable carrying this risk if there is a realistic chance of success. By introducing the new “business and system requirements elicitation” step to the process, we make sure that the conditions for success are present at the beginning of a project.

Not all enterprise IT projects are suitable for the integrated approach. For such projects, we may still be able to add significant value, but can probably not provide a fixed-price offer.

In the current approach, step 2 is where systems integrators and software consultants step in, whereas step 3 is where software outsourcing firms come in.

With the integrated approach, we add the new step 1, which allows us to thoroughly understand the business and system needs and come up with out-of-the-box solutions to meet the high-level strategic goals. Through our connections with the Fintech ecosystem, we are able to integrate the latest enterprise-ready innovations into enterprises. At the end of step 1, we provide a fixed price quote for steps 2 and 3, which are performed in a true agile manner.

Integrated approach – Collaboration model

For a successful delivery and implementation of IT solutions using the Integrated Approach, the following aspects are key and are always embedded into how the approach is being carried out: 


  • Integrated approach requires collaboration with all stakeholders, including C-level, overhead, business and internal IT personnel
  • Active listening to how people interact with current systems and how new solutions could improve their workflows and job satisfaction
  • Strong preference to work with internal staff as much as possible
  • Our experienced client partner team will suggest creative solutions to improve your company’s systems. Solutions that make business sense, empower internal teams and reduce costs
  • During the implementation phase, we make sure communication flows both bottom-up and top-down to allow for true agile decision making

Throughout the lifecycle of the solution’s implementation, we systematically go through predefined stages, until full maturity is reached and the piece of software can be deployed safely:

Integrated Approach vs. outsourcing model

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