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Why you should consider an internship with InFinIT Partners

An internship is an integral stage in any study course. This is because it is a time when students get to put into practice everything that they learned over the past few years, experience the real work life and environment as well as getting the ability to prove themselves and expand their way of thinking in the real world. Here at InFinIT Partners, we are happy to support students who want to work in an ambitious scale-up environment. If you want to get a real view of how it feels to work in an international company that is disrupting the global IT scene, we invite you to check out the available internship opportunities we have right now.

At the start of an internship is anticipation, high drive to perform and time to discover one’s potential at the job. With the right guidance, an internship is a great way to acquire skills that one did not know they possessed.
A conducive work environment is also very crucial in shaping an intern’s abilities and capabilities at the job. This combined with the zeal and enthusiasm to learn is a good fit.

“What I have learned from this internship is that work-life is a challenge, one that we ought to embrace and widen our scope of thought to solve the puzzle.” – Brenda Leroy- Content Creator

The choice of where to do an internship is way more important than many students imagine. This is because with a good internship experience a student learns more and is able to achieve the most out of their internship which boosts their confidence and prepares them for real work-life after school.

We, at InFinIT Partners, have had our share of great interns and we have collected some of their stories to give you a glimpse of what you can expect in working with us. You will get to know about:
– what their initial expectations were.
– their interaction with the team and what they learned about ‘remote work’ & ‘work-life’.
– what they learned from the internship and how it will help them in the future.
– why one should consider an internship at InFinIT Partners and what to expect.

Getting constant feedback is the norm for us

“When I first got here and talking to the interns before me I expected a nice calm atmosphere with a broad mix of personalities. I must say that this is most definitely true and leads to better outcomes through the combination of different points of view. 

Interaction with the team is great, there are some very experienced people around, who have seen the world and will tell you all about it if you want. I think the team is very open and willing to help, which is a sense that can even be felt through remote working. I have learned that with the right company culture, a sense of family can be generated without physically gathering. 

Hearing people speak at InFinIT Partners is very inspiring. You really get to learn some interesting personality traits and see how they work in real life, for example, Iwein has a super sharp focus, Edwin can sell you a sandwich for the price of a bicycle and still make it feel fair, Oana is a great all-rounder with a strong vision who can create a culture without a physical presence, Razvan is super structured and Mihai really knows how to tackle any problem. I think there is so much to learn here, which if a person seeks to, will certainly do.

An internship at InFinIT will not only learn you operate in a quickly changing organization, where you learn to sharpen many tools in your toolset but if you listen carefully, it will help you in life. Unconsciously perhaps, you get to learn some lessons that you do not get in school, I for once have had some personal development since I was here. I learned to bring a sharper vision to the table, structure my words better, find my purpose, and learn a lot about the organizations in IT and finance, which is my preferred future field. “Delano Schmitz – Business Analyst

All though I never have any expectation at first glance, I am pleasantly surprised with InFinIT’s team and the resilience it still shows whilst working abroad. I have discovered that in a short amount of time, with the right preparation, great change can be achieved – Delano Schmitz – Business Analyst

“My initial expectations were a good working atmosphere amongst colleagues with whom I could freely interact with and in regards to this, I was not disappointed at all. In regards to my interaction with the team, this is a bit more than I had expected…everyone in the team is approachable and willing to render help.

I would urge anyone in search of an internship to consider InFinIT Partners mostly because of its friendly work environment but more importantly, it is a place where you are set to learn and improve your skills.
Brenda Leroy – Content Creator

“My personal goal for this internship was to learn more about how a business is formed and managed from the inside. As this was my first ever paid job, I wanted to improve my business skills and gain hands-on experience by working in a real business environment.

I’ve learned a lot about work-life in general. As this was my first 9 to 5 job, I didn’t know how it’s like to stay in front of a screen for that many hours. But I really enjoyed working at InFinIT as the structure of the company not as formal as in many corporations. I could directly talk to the company’s CEO and express my own views, and this gave me a sense of empowerment. In many companies, you can’t even reach the top management, you have to report to your supervisor and the supervisor to his/her super-supervisor, and so on. The work environment was pleasant.

During my time as an intern, I have improved my business English skills greatly. I have learned how to behave in a business environment, how to create content for a website and present it in an easy-to-read way. One of my main tasks was to conduct a market competition comparison. I’ve learned the most important factors that make a brilliant website, and which factors are dragging down a website. These skills will help me in the future as I plan to open my own company at some point.

“I would consider doing an internship here because of the business environment and the company’s mission.” Rares Anghel- Business Analyst

The location is amazing, located in a prestigious part of The Hague, in a vintage mansion. The office facilities were amazing as well, with automatic self-rising desks (you can even control them with your phone), the comfiest chairs I’ve sat on, and the view from the inside of the office was superb.

The company’s mission was important to me when I chose to work here. I am really interested in technology in general and how it can improve our lives, and when I heard what InFinIT was a start-up software company, I was sure I want to work there as an intern.” Rares Anghel Business Analyst

“I had very high expectations of myself in terms of performance and task-oriented focus going into this internship and was hopeful after my interview that InFinIT Partners could live up to these.

My interaction with the team so far has been outstanding. Everyone is open and willing to communicate and help each other. All the while keeping a very fun and professional atmosphere.

I have learned a lot in recent weeks about remote work due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Especially about myself. For example, I am most productive in the morning, even though I am not a morning person.

I would say the most important thing I have learned to do is communicate in a professional manner. This is something you have experience with during your studies, however, actually doing it in practice is a different beast to tackle and I am glad I have some experience in that regard.

For people who like to get challenged with new assignments, in different ways and sometimes outside of your field of expertise, an internship here is very interesting. You are constantly thinking of ways to improve internal and external processes, approaches, and methods. Being critical and objective are great abilities and skills to have. You can expect to feel stupid, and in doing so learn a lot. “
Thomas Cunningham – Business Analyst

If you wish to join an international working environment guided by common sense, apply now for our internship program! We are eager to welcome you in our team!